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Review: Orient "Captain" STT11004B0 200m Chrono-Diver

"I don't know why in the Orient USA watch site and other wrist watch forums named this big and chunky 200 meter diver as Captain! Like other watches; a few models were given special names. Like the Orient Mako and Ray, there must be something special about the watch. For me, it is just a call sign to recognize a watch model. Since the Orient Watch Co. bought over by Seiko Epson Corp. of Japan in 2009, the production has somehow becoming Seiko oriented but without sacrificing the long history and personality of the brand. More and more 'brutal' and 'masculine' look of Orient has since produced. All the new Orient quartz are using Seiko Epson's movement. For me, that is a better choice compared to Miyota. The Captain - my first 200m chrono-diver. Read below my pictorial review on this Japan made masculine quartz diver with 3 chronograph registers." - thetick-thetick

Model Ref. STT11004B0
Movement: Cal. KFB00, quartz
Timekeeping Function: hour, minute & sub-second timer with date indicator
Chronograph Function: 3 chronograph registers - 1/20 second, 60 seconds, & 12 hours
Operation: screw-down crow with chronograph push-piece button
Case: stainless steel, satin-finish brushed and polished
Case Diameter: 45 mm excluding crown
Case Thickness: 11 mm
Case Lug: 23 mm
Case Back: Stainless steel, screw-down case lid
Crystal: Hardened mineral glass
Strap: Soft rubber, scuba type, stainless steel buckle
Water Resistant: 200 meter

The complete set. The watch box, service warranty book, international warranty booklet, and simple instruction. I notice that the box is not like the normal Orient standard box. Different, the box looks like paper box but with hairline brushed steel top printed with Orient's logo.

Made in Japan... with tag.

Masculine! 45 mm diameter - 200 meter diver with chronograph function. My first option was to get the Seiko Solar Chronograph SSC017P1. But honestly, I do not like the Seiko Cal. V175 movement. The Orient Cal. KFB00 is actually the Seiko Cal. 7T92 and I like these two chronograph movements. It comes with 'flyback' function. Once reset, the register hands will move perpetually to its zero position. The 1/20 register allows reading for 2 decimal of a second.

Onion style crown water proof chronograph push-piece buttons. Signed crown is well positioned and guarded by the watch case.

The other side profile. The scuba bezel - thick, unidirectional, 60 clicks, saw tooth style. Look at the case finishing! Polished side with hairline brushed top. The bezel operation is not that smooth. You got to press down the bezel before your turn it. A little bit 'wobble', sounded very rough.

The scuba time-elapsed bezel is a 60 minutes index with 5 minutes marker. Normal black scuba bezel insert but... see the big luminous pip! I like the big luminous index too. Look at the dial, matte black finish with white minute and Tachymeter marker. The 5 minute index... reminds me of the Seiko MM, big and luminous. The hands are all in white. The hour and minute hands are luminous, pencil style hands.

23 mm lug! I do not know why Orient constructs it with this odd size. Quite difficult to find alternative strap for 23 mm! But I like short and recessed lug - easy to fit in the strap nicely close to the case body.

The dial is printed with "JAPAN BK" to mark that the watch is produced in Japan for this STT11004B0. The standard international edition - TT11004B is printed with "JAPAN MOVT". 

The case back. Made in Japan. Sorry, I do not know the Orient's product and production code. Pardon me! High quality engraved marking. Not like the standard Orient case back.

The rubber strap. 23 - 20 mm with brushed stainless steel buckle. The other standard variant comes with oyster styled stainless steel bracelet.

In shady area... the luminous hands and marker glows. In the dark the luminous compound really glows. But, it is not as bright and lasting like the Seiko Lumibrite. Acceptable still and I wonder why Seiko Epson does not apply Lumibrite in Orient's watch hands and markers!!!

Black, steel, and white. A standard combination of a scuba diver's watch. 

Suits my not so big wrist! I guess everybody goes for big zilla watches nowadays.

The Captain and the Sumo. Looks almost the same size. 

"Actually, I am a laggard. It takes a while for me to appreciate big watches. Really? No, I use to have Panerai in my collection back in early 2000. I remember those days when you wear big watches on your wrist people will start questioning... hey dude, what brand is that? Looks weird huh!!! So big! Why don’t you hang it on your neck? Those are the days when Panerai started the zilla size trending and the trend continues. Nowadays we can see many big size ‘Neo 70s’ dress watches on sale. For me, I like big diver and field watches. 38 to 40 mm dress watch is acceptable. Okidoki, enough with watches review. I guess it is a good start for my 2015 blogging. Let me do technical subject. There are still a few unfinished technical subjects I wish to post. Wait for my next article. For your information, I bought this Orient Captain online from the Duty Free Island Shop. They have a lot of latest Citizen Watches, with good bargain for Seiko and Orient. On my blog list, please click and check on their website - highly recommended!” – thetick-thetick

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Next Review: 200m Chrono-diver... Big Lume Pip!

"Nowadays watches are relatively big, especially the scuba diver and field watches. Size does matter... zilla-watches 44mm diameter and bigger. Actually I never had any chrono-diver in my collection. I was more specific, a diver watch is a diver watch and chronograph is chronograph. Why not getting a hybrid this time? Japanese brand definitely. I spend a lot of time browsing the Internet. From specific online stores,, and eBay; I always look for good quality, good bargain and if possible free-postage. International postage is not that cheap nowadays! I guess good Japanese watches are always available online. Getting the JDM or Made in Japan is always my preference. After several hours browsing and reading watches review, I found this 200 meter chrono-diver. Paypal... done. Once the shipment arrived, I open the parcel... Wow! I really fall in love looking at it for the first time. Among the aesthetic design that I really like about this watch is the big luminous pip! Okidoki, wait for my next review on this 200 meter big chrono-diver... big lume pip." - thetick-thetick   

Monday, 23 February 2015

4Sale: Kronen & Sohne KS232 Dress Watch

"Sejak Swatch Group AG Switzerland mengambilalih ETA Montres S.A. - pengeluar ebouche ETA; pembuat-pembuat jam tangan yang tidak mempunyai movement sendiri mula beralih kepada Miyota, Seiko, Ronda, ESA, dan jugak Seagull. Swatch Group menghadkan penggunaan movement ETA hanya untuk jenama-jenama dan pengeluar di bawah syarikat bersekutunya sahaja seperti Omega, Tissot, Longines, Mido, Rado, dsbg. Dan, sejak negara China mula membuka pintu untuk produk-produknya, banyak jenama jam tangan wujud disebabkan  teknologi pembuatan movement mekanikalnya yang agak murah berbanding pengeluar dari negara Jepun dan Switzerland. Kronen & Sohne adalah salah satu dari jenama yang menggunakan movement mekanikal dari China yang dibuat oleh Tianjin Seagull Corporation. Seagull yang telah wujud sejak tahun 1955 ini telah mengeluarkan banyak model jam tangan untuk pasaran tempatan (China) dan telah mula menyaingi Miyota dan Seiko sejak sedekat yang lalu dengan menjual movement-movement mekanikalnya. Kini banyak jenama-jenama dari negara German seperti Kronen & Sohne menggunakan movement Seagull yang pelbagai jenis. Jam jenama Ingersol turut menggunakan movement yang sama. Dress watch model KS232 ini adalah untuk dijual. Harganya jauh lebih murah dari Ingersol namun kualitinya tetap setanding. Baca review di bawah. Jam automatik Kronen & Sohne. Jenama boutique yang terdapat banyak cawangan di serata dunia dan wujud sejak 1992 di negara Jerman." - thetick-thetick 

Brand & Model: Kronen & Sohne, KS232
Movement: Calibre KM02L03 (Seagull, China), automatic
Function: Hour, minute, second, date
Case: Stainless steel, polished, see-through case back
Case Dimension: 40 mm without crown
Case Lug: 22 mm
Crystal: Mineral glass & see-through case back
Strap: Mixed high grade crocodile texture PU with genuine leather lining, black, 22 - 20
Strap Buckle: Signed KS stainless steel buckle, polished
Water Resistant: Not stated
Kondisi: Brand new in box, open international warranty - regional service center support
Harga Jualan: RM200.00
Kos Hantaran: C.O.D. Kota Damansara atau tambah RM10.00 untuk Poslaju
Nota: Untuk jualan dalam negara sahaja (For Sale in Malaysia Only)
Contact: whatsapp/SMS ke 016-2395208, email atau komen di blog tidak akan di layan

Boutique dress watch - jenama dari Jerman... exclusive look

Guilloche dial atau engraved dial - memang mengasyikkan. Jarum ada luminous compound.

Coined-edge bezel - memang exclusive. Mineral glass crystal.

Signed crown. KS logo. 

Signed buckle. KS logo. Croco black watch strap.

Automatic movement. KS signed rotor. See through case back. Anti-shock balance wheel.

Blued screw. Purple jewel cup. Clean movement... boleh kunci tauu!

Kronen & Sohne - calibre KM02L03. Automatik... cuma tak boleh hacking.

Simple but exclusive packaging. Box set - watch tag, manual, open international warranty card.

"Sejak mutakhir ni memang banyak jenama-jenama jam wujud. Dari jam dress/boutique sampailah kepada model specialist. Jenama Ingersol, cecah ribu... seribu lebih tapi pakai movement Seagull. Camtu jugak jenama Borealis yang buat jam diver. Ada model Borealis yang guna Miyota, ada yang guna Seiko NH, dan ada jugak yang guna high-grade Seagull. Begitulah jadinya apabila Swatch Group memonopoli movement-movement ETA sehinggakan jenama Swiss (bukan Swatch Group) yang dulunya menggunakan movement mekanikal terpaksa menggunakan movement quartz buatan Ronda dan ESA. Model Tag Heuer terbaru menggunakan movement Miyota calibre 9015!!! Movement hi-grade 28,800bph keluaran Miyota yang boleh mendapat pensijilan COSC! Nanti aku buat research pasal cal. 9015 nih..." - thetick-thetick 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

4Sale: Orient SP UNF1-C0-A CA Casual/Field Watch [SOLD]

"Aku tanya taukeh kedia... dia kata ini model lama. Lama tak la lama. Model ni tersesat masuk dalam display jam kat kedai dia. Aku cuba browse kat Internet. Tak jumpa. Memang lain dari Orient SP punya line yang ada kat Malaysia dan Singapore. Ada dua versi, dial hitam dan putih. Sejak Orient diambilalih dan dimiliki sepenuhnya oleh Seiko Epson pada tahun 2009; model-model jam tangan mekanikal dan quartznya memang banyak mengalami perubahan. Semakin bagus. Semakin menarik. Movement mekanikal Orient terus mengekalkan penggunaan komponen asal dan dinaik-taraf dengan penggunaan komponen Seiko. Untuk jam tangan quartz, segalanya menggunakan movement yang dibuat oleh Seiko Epson. Jam tangan Orient SP (sport) ini untuk dijual, baca review di bawah." - thetick-thetick

Brand & Model: Orient SP UNF1-C0-A CA
Movement: Orient Quartz Cal. HT711 (Seiko Epson), Japan
Function: Hour, minute, second, & calendar date
Setting Operation: Crown
Case: Stainless steel, combined polish and satin-brush finishing; screw-down case lid
Case Dimension: 42 mm diameter excl. crown, 58 mm lug-to-lug, 9 mm height
Case Lug: 22 mm
Crystal: Mineral glass
Strap: Fully-padded genuine black calf skin leather with white and brown stitches, 22-20 mm
Strap Buckle: Signed stainless steel buckle
Water Resistant: 50 meters
Kondisi: Brand New In Box with open warranty by local retailer
Harga Jualan: SOLD
Kos Hantaran: C.O.D. Kota Damansara atau tambah RM10.00 untuk Poslaju
Nota: Untuk jualan dalam negara sahaja (For Sale in Malaysia Only)
Contact: whatsapp/SMS ke 016-2395208, email atau komen di blog tidak akan dilayan

42 x 58 mm saiz casing!! besar... trend semasa

...very clean and easy reading time-keeper. Pakai ke pejabat dan santai.

Crown dia... besar lebih kurang 4 mm dia meter, mudah untuk time-setting

Stainless steel, hitam, putih, dan merah... kombinasi menarik

Dial close-up... simple tapi kemas. Minute chapter index dia terletak pada inner ring... jarum dan inner index marker tuu luminous.

Stainless steel screw down case lid... standard Orient quartz model

Orient signed stainless steel buckle saiz 20mm. Nengok kat jahitan pada tali kulit tuu... putih dengan brown.

Siap kotak dengan International Guarantee card...

"Sejak Orient menjadi syarikat bersekutu Seiko, model-model jam tangan keluaran terbaru dia memang menarik. Dari segi kualiti movement aku tak risau... pasal pakai movement Seiko Epson. Walaupun dilabel sebagai Orient Calibre... jam-jam tangan quartz model baru Orient dah pakai movement Seiko Epson sepenuhnya. Okey, sesapa yang berhajat nak memiliki model Orient SP nih... sila whatsapp aku. Terima kasih." - thetick-thetick

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Vintage [BM]: Seiko Lord Matic 5606-7000

“Nak dapat Seiko vintage yang 100% ori dengan ori parts memang payah sekarang ni. Banyak yang franken - kata Dato Syed Mohri (Irhomdey). Bekk Hassan kata jam rojak. Ada yang terpaksa beli 2 3 bijik model yang sama semata-mata untuk combine untuk jadikan vintage yang ikut original spec. Kalau nasib baik, boleh dapat jugak yang 100% ori. Harga? Bergantung kepada movement dan kondisi. Willing buyer – willing seller. Bila cerita bab-bab movement ni ramai yang tak berapa nak ambik tahu. Ramai yang lebih suka pada model dan kondisi. Movement Seiko yang pelbagai mempunyai sejarah, fungsi dan kehebatan sendiri. Kehebatan yang memang terbukti berjaya menyaingi jenama-jenama Swiss dan Jerman di zaman kewujudannya. Model Seiko Lord Matic 5606-7000 ni adalah model pertama Seiko yang menggunakan movement yang berprestasi tinggi dan memang terbukti ketepatan perakam waktunya (timekeeping accuracy). Movement yang dibuat oleh Suwa Seikosha pada tahun 1968 ini mula digunakan pada model 5606-7000 LM pada tahun 1969 (model pertama 5606) dan asas movement yang sama (movement base) telah digunakan untuk model King Seiko 56KS dan Grand Seiko 56GS pada tahun berikutnya oleh Daini Seikosha. DNA movement yang dibuat oleh Suwa Seikosha ini adalah asas yang digunakan pada movement-movement berprestasi tinggi yang digunakan oleh Daini Seiko line pada zaman moden ini terutamanya model Grand Seiko. Model 5606-7000 ni ada dua variasi – 23 dan 25 jewels. Model pertama dikeluarkan pada tahun 1969 – 23 jewels dan 25 jewels pada tahun 1970. Kedua-dua koleksi aku ni memang accurate walaupun selepas lebih 45 tahun bertukar tangan – model Japanese Domestic Market. Cammana boleh sampai Malaya aku tak tau laa... tapi yang first model aku import dari Thailand daa... hehe, dah servis... dah tune. Hehe... Artikel yang agak panjang. Baca santai-santai untuk carik ilmu. Enjoy.” – thetick-thetick

REVIEW BERGAMBAR SEIKO LM 5606-7000 23j 1969
Model Name: Seiko Lord Matic Weekdater (56LMWD)
Model Ref. 5606-7000
Production/Location: circa. April 1969, Suwa Japan
Movement: 5606A, automatic/manual-winding, 3 hands, hacking, quickset date (weekdater dual language – Kanji & English Gregorian), 23 jewels
Frequency: 6bps/21,600bph
Driving/Power Reserve: auto/manual winding - integrated manual winding gear movement (direct mechanical driving system), 47 hours continuos operation
Case Type/Dimension: stainless steel cushion case/38mm incl. crown, 42mm lug to lug, 8mm height/thickness
Case Lug: 19mm
Case Lid: No case lid, top release service opening
Crystal: Acrylic
Dial No./Hands: 7001S/rhodium plated plain stainless steel hour, minute & second
Bracelet Type/Model: stainless steel/model 5606-700A, LM signed stainless steel clasp buckle

Model pertama Lord Matic 5606 Weekdater tahun 1969, business dress watch, macam keratan iklan yang aku siarkan sebelum nih. Model hanya untuk pasaran Jepun... kanji

Clean dial dengan index marker, jarum tuu bersinar cam pedang samurai

Guna dial 7001S, sunburst steel dial

Case back - nak servis bukak ikut atas beb! Tali ori untuk model pertama ni kod dia 5606-700A

Clasp buckle - ada sign SEIKO LM, all ori. Yang kiri tuu model 23j yang kanan 25j
REVIEW BERGAMBAR SEIKO LM 5606-7000 25j 1970
Model Name: Seiko Lord Matic Weekdater (56LMWD)
Model Ref. 5606-7000
Production/Location: circa. June 1970, Suwa Japan
Movement: 5606, automatic/manual-winding, 3 hands, hacking, quickset date (weekdater dual language – Kanji & English Gregorian), 25 jewels
Frequency: 6bps/21,600bph
Driving/Power Reserve: auto/manual winding - integrated manual winding gear movement (direct mechanical driving system), 47 hours continuos operation
Case Type/Dimension: stainless steel cushion case/38mm incl. crown, 42mm lug to lug, 8mm height/thickness
Case Lug: 19mm
Case Lid: No case lid, top release service opening
Crystal: Acrylic
Dial No./Hands: 7091S/rhodium plated black lining - stainless steel, hour, minute & second
Bracelet Type/Model: stainless steel/model XLB-021, LM signed stainless steel clasp buckle

Model tahun 1970, 25 jewels. Ada make-up sikit kat dial, jarum, dengan tali.

Hour marker ada black lining, jarum pun ada. Bersih gilerrr... 

Guna dial 7091S, lacquer-finish dial. Aku suka yang 23j - sunburst steel dial!

Tali besi model tahun 70 nih kod dia XLB-021. Lain sikit jehhh... kosmetik

Suwa Seikosha mengeluarkan movement siri 5600 berprestasi tinggi untuk jam tangan Seiko dari tahun 1960an hingga 1970an. Siri-siri movement 5600 telah digunakan untuk pelbagai model Lord Matic, King Seiko dan Grand Seiko dari tahun 1968 hingga 1976. Ia mula digunakan untuk model Seiko Lord Marvel pada tahun 1968, seterusnya model King Seiko 56KS pada tahun 1969 dan akhirnya digunakan untuk model Grand Seiko 56GS. Movement siri 5600 juga telah digunakan untuk model Seiko Duotime dan Seiko Chronometer (COSC). Movement 5606 yang digunakan untuk model Lord Matic ini adalah penambah-baikan (upgrade) kepada model Grand Seiko yang menggunakan movement 5605 yang dikeluarkan sebelumnya. Movement ini dijuga dibuat dengan proses ‘high-grade precision’ pada setiap fasa pengeluarannya bagi menjamin kuasa mekanikal yang konsisten dan memberi ketepatan (accuracy) yang bagus bila dioperasikan. Ia adalah movement yang boleh diregulasikan (tuning) untuk mendapat pensijilan COSC. Antara movement yang terbaik pernah dikeluarkan oleh Seiko. Spesifikasi teknikal adalah seperti berikut:

Movement Ref: 5606 (circa. 1968, Suwa Seikosha, Japan)
Revision: 5606A 23 jewels/5606A 25 jewels
Movement Size: 25.6mm diameter, 26mm dial mount diameter, 4.25mm height
Driving System: auto/manual winding - integrated manual winding gear movement (direct mechanical driving system); nota: boleh kunci secara terus ke movement winding barrel, winding crown akan rasa anjal (elastic) apabila mainspring dikunci sepenuhnya)
Balance Wheel & Escapement: Seiko 315560, integrated gear – screw type micro regulator (COSC capability)
Balance Wheel Protection: Seiko Diashock
Frequency: 6bps/21,600bps
Power Reserve: 47 hours
Operation: hack time-setting, quickset day-date, crown operation, manual winding, automatic roto plate winding

Movement 5606A 23 jewels. Tengok micro regulator dia. Pakai screw... fast or slow!!! Jewel cup dia pakai gold-plated ring. Nengok direct-winding gear dia. Integrated dengan movement. So boleh kunci terus bekkk!!! Hacking mechanism dia pun integrated. Bukan macam Seiko 6R15 terbaru! Yang ni lagi canggih... Movement yang masih mampu menyaingi movement Seiko zaman moden.

Movement 5606A 25 jewels. Salah satu dari transmission gear dah tampah 2 lagi jewels. Haa.. nengok ball bearing kat winding rotor tuu.. gambar ni jelas boleh nampak micro-regulator dengan bridge. Escapement wheel punya jewel cap yang kat belah kiri tuu memang kelas... boleh dituning untuk COSC, 5 positions + heat and cold. Antara movement yang terbaik dikeluarkan oleh Suwa Seikosha.

Masih accurate. Lebih bagus dari movement 6R15 tahun 2006. Walaupun bukan 50 jam power reserve macam 6R15, 5606 tahun 1968 nih 47 jam.

“Bekk... diorang mana tau beekk. Kata Hassan D12. Memang itu rungutan yang aku selalu dengar di kalangan penjual, pembeli, dan penternak jam tangan vintage. Secara umumnya memang camtu laa... pengetahuan! Kalau kita minat kereta baru atau lama mesti laa tau betul-betulpasal enjin dan transmisi dulu. Macam tuu gak jam vintage. Nak jual pun kena tahu jadi boleh laa buat nilaian harga untuk jual. Pembeli pun kena laa tau kenapa jam tuu mahal. Ini adalah faktor penting pasaran jam vintage. Aku lebih minat pada movement... kondisi jugak penting. Kang banyak modal pulak nak refurbish balik jam tuu... bukan rojak atau franken tau! Haa... carik yang 100% ori termasuk parts dia sekali. Susah gak nak dapat... carik jangan tak carik. Memang puas hati bila ada koleksi vintage yang mint, tip-top. Baru laa ringan poket nak hantar servis. Hehe.. sorry artikel panjang!” – thetick-thetick 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Artikel Seterusnya: Seiko Lord Matic 5606-7000 Vintage

"Mungkin ramai peminat jam Seiko vintage kenal dengan Grand Seiko, King Seiko, model-model jam penyelam, chrono 6139 atau 6138. Namun tidak ramai mengetahui kelebihan Seiko vintage Pressmatic, Seikomatic-R, Seikomatic-P, Lord Marvel, dan Lord Matic. Model-model dress atau sporty-dress Seiko ini bukanlah jam murahan seperti Seiko DX/De-Luxe bahkan bukan tandingan Seiko 5, Seiko 5 Actus, Sealion, Skyliner, Laurel, Champion, ataupun Seiko Advan. Bahkan movement-movement pada model-model ini lebih bagus dan turut sama digunakan pada model awal King Seiko dan Grand Seiko. Apabila kita menilai sesebuah jam vintage Seiko, movement adalah yang paling utama. Mungkin popularity model juga turut menjadi perkiraan, namun movement yang digunakan adalah penting bagi menilai kekuatan model itu sendiri. Model-model Seiko peringkat atasan seperti Lord Matic telah dikeluarkan di zaman Seiko Golden Years dari tahun 1967 hingga 1978. Tahun-tahun di mana Seiko lebih hebat dari pengeluar-pengeluar jam tangan dari Switzerland dan Jerman. Terpapar di atas adalah iklan Jam Seiko Lord Matic tahun 1969. Tahun di mana movement 5606 mula digunakan untuk model Lord Matic - model weekdater (hari & haribulan), automatic, manual-winding, hacking, dan mempunyai quick-set date. Mempunyai ketepatan perakam waktu pada tahap 6bps/21,600bph; fungsi time-keeping di zamannya tidak dapat ditandingi jenama-jenama Swiss termasuklah Rolex. Movement 5606 yang lahir pada penghujung tahun 1968 di Suwa Jepun ini adalah salah satu asas kepada movement-movement Seiko elit yang ada di zaman moden ini. Nantikan artikel seterusnya mengenai jam Seiko vintage Lord Matic 5606-7000 ini." - thetick-thetick

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Vintage: Citizen Seven Star V2 4-770781TA

“I have been a big fan to vintage Seiko for so long. But, apparently vintage Citizen is interesting too. Not on Orient mechanicals yet. Forget Casio - a computer circuit watch! These three Japanese big names (Seiko, Citizen and Orient) have been very successful in producing good mechanical watches during mid 60s to early 70s. The mechanical finesse of Seiko and Citizen during that era is no rival by the Swiss. At time where most Swiss mechanicals are so cumbersome to set the calendar, these two Asian’s house of horology makes time-setting so much easier. I am not saying Swiss are no good but these Japanese have been ahead of them for so many times throughout the modern horology history. Good watches make good statement of the manufacture. Each vintage, regardless of brand, model and price reveal the quality of the watch-maker. Honestly, the Japanese vintage is more interesting than the Swiss. Being a collector, having a complete 100% genuine parts and good working condition of a vintage watch has always been a treasure. I did vintage watch profiling. Time-keeping testing is part of the profile. Read my simple review on this vintage Citizen Seven Star famous line - the V2. Enjoy.” – thetick-thetick

Model Name: Citizen Seven Star V2
Model Number: 4-770781TA
Production Date/Location: June 1973/Japan
Movement: Cal. 7700, 3 hands, calendar, automatic 22 jewels, 6bps/21,600bph
Power Reserve: continuous operation, 42 hours
Time setting: Hand-wind, hacking, crown-setting
Calendar setting: Quickset, crown-push day-date
Calendar: Japanese Kanji and Standard Gregorian English
Case: Stainless steel, screw-down case lid
Case Dimension: 38mm dia., 42mm lug-to-lug, 18mm lug width
Crystal: Acrylic
Bracelet: Stainless steel, straight end, signed Citizen folded clasp with extension slide
Accuracy: tested – 1 day normal wear, observed 1 day face-up static position +18s per day
Note: tested – power reserve degrading at +/- 40 hours due to aging mainspring elasticity

The crown side profile. Satin brushed case top with polished case side. Polished bezel. Straight-end hooded lugs.

The crown (signed CTZ) is positioned between 3 and 4. Quite small to hand-wind the movement but easy to push-in for calendar setting. 3 straight push will advance 3 calendar date and alternate between Kanji and standard English day. Cumbersome!? The case side is polished. See those dented marks and scratches... what do you expect from an old machine? But I love vintage steel.. blue steel. A real quality Japanese steel - not like the Swiss that turned yellowish after long time.

It is not easy to find a clean and perfect dial. The polished bezel, shiny crystal and mint dial - a clean look. Actually I love watches with this kind of design - a 100% steel. The dial, the hands, the marker, the calendar window... 100% steel and black lining.

The calendar window or aperture - separated in two sections for day and date. The background, look at the textured dial - well preserved!

The case back. This is transition model between the late 60s and early 70s. The Parawater is Citizen's trade mark for water proof winding components. The 7700 represents the watch caliber and the 4-770781TA is the model number combining the movement and the case used.

The early 70s Citizen. Most of the models come with hooded lugs strapped with stainless steel bracelet.

The Citizen clasp comes with slide extension for the bracelet.

Caliber 7700. 22 jewels. From my observation, Citizen is among the earliest manufacturer to add 1 jewel on the movement main plate to mount the mainspring barrel. It makes the mainspring dispersing smoothly and that makes it 22 jewels and not 21 jewels. Most Citizen hi-beat capped with even numbered jewels. Only lately we found the new modern Seiko movement upgraded to even numbered jewels!! Running at 6bps/21,600bph... acceptable for time-keeping accuracy.

With rival countryman - the Seiko Lord-Matic. Both running at 21,600bph. Both are remarkable rival to the Swiss during their era. My preferred collection - 100% steel.

"Good vintage hunting requires passion and knowledge. A collector or a trader need to know their stuff. Getting a 100% is tough. Do some research on the internet. If you are lucky enough you may find a good seller selling good vintage. If the watch is 100% original, it goes without saying. Restoring the steel will not be an issue. Service is a must to keep it running good. Thanks to Maro. This review is dedicated to him. For his passion and connection with friends working in Japan, bringing back these Japanese treasure to Malaysia. Keep hunting bro... offer to fellow watch enthusiast. Bekkk... haa, amacam? Dah restore balik jam nih. Aku buat kat rumah jeh!!! Lepas ni aku nak perosah jam Seiko 6308 Cikgu Amar pulak. Baru jeh Poslaju hantar sebelum aku post artikel nih. Wait for my next article. Thanks for reading." - thetick-thetick