Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Modernized Classics of The 70s

"Wristwatches of the 70s are somehow appealing by the design. The 70s marked the golden years of global watch making and the surviving classics have always been the most sought-after collection by avid vintage collectors. Comparing with the smaller sizes of the 60s, the watches of the 70s are bigger, sporty, yet retro by the look. The famous classics of 70s range from simple dress until instrument type of wristwatches. That is why many watchmakers from Switzerland and Japan include the 70s design in their modern classic line. One of the signature of the 70s design is the thick watches crystal. Modernized classic by design – fitted with advanced movement. That is the theme proposes by the watchmakers – modern classics. Wait for my next article. A modern classic chronograph." - thetick-thetick

Thick crystal - signature of the 70s. But this not a 70s classic!

Seiko 6139-7002 Chronograph of the 70s. Thick hardened mineral glass. Sporty and sturdy looking wristwatches. The evergreen classic of modern sports produced during the golden era of watchmaking.

"Bek... cermin jam ni tebal macam zaman dolu-dolu punya bek! Bukan cermin jeh tebal, haaa... dia punya dial layout pun macam dolu-dolu gak. Retro... tunggu posting seterusnya. Ramai yang minat dengan style tahun 70an nih. Terutamanya model-model jam sports. Tag Heuer ada keluarkan model Steve McQueen. Longines keluarkan model Conquest. Seiko Japan bikin limited edition Quartz Astron... amacam?" - thetick-thetick