Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Next Review: 200m Chrono-diver... Big Lume Pip!

"Nowadays watches are relatively big, especially the scuba diver and field watches. Size does matter... zilla-watches 44mm diameter and bigger. Actually I never had any chrono-diver in my collection. I was more specific, a diver watch is a diver watch and chronograph is chronograph. Why not getting a hybrid this time? Japanese brand definitely. I spend a lot of time browsing the Internet. From specific online stores, mudah.my, and eBay; I always look for good quality, good bargain and if possible free-postage. International postage is not that cheap nowadays! I guess good Japanese watches are always available online. Getting the JDM or Made in Japan is always my preference. After several hours browsing and reading watches review, I found this 200 meter chrono-diver. Paypal... done. Once the shipment arrived, I open the parcel... Wow! I really fall in love looking at it for the first time. Among the aesthetic design that I really like about this watch is the big luminous pip! Okidoki, wait for my next review on this 200 meter big chrono-diver... big lume pip." - thetick-thetick   

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