Thursday, 25 November 2010

Exploring Horology Part VIa

"Knowledge is not always free. Experience is priceless. Be inquisitive, you will be a knowledgeable person. That is what I learn from one of my lecturer when I was in the college." thetick-thetick

Watch Tools and Work Bench
I always dream of my own watch 'atelier' where I could freely service, restore, modified, and to extremely design, fabricate, and assemble my own watch. Yeah… it sounds like a crazy dream. But, starting a small work bench would at least put my hobby in a better spot without much disturbance. Like others, I started cleaning my vintage on my dining table. Some, on the kitchen bar! That’s where it started. Lay a big size white cloth on the table. Put all the tools. Dismantling and assembling watches.

It took me many months and years to equip my hobby. I bought a few China Made tools from and from a wholesaler shop in Lorong Haji Taib in Chow Kit. Sorry, I buy watches tools from that area – not to shop for chicken or raw meat huh! Some tools are not available there. I mean the good one. So I frequented Tai Sang at Wisma Selangor in Jalan Sultan to get some additional tools. It’s a must. You should have the watchmaker’s loupe, tweezers, case opener, hand-lifter, spring bar remover, watch holder, watchmaker screw driver, etc. Long list! Some, I got it free from my sifus – old and used Swiss Made like movement holder, peg wood, and many useful tools. Free give, so give them free lunch. KFC can do maa!

When I moved to my current house in Kota Damansara, I use my daughter’s study table as my work bench. Our old house was a small apartment, so cramp. Now, in the living room upstairs I place the table in one corner. My family call it my heaven’s desk. Fortunately, they understand me well. Hah ha, I sometime spend whole day working at my bench. Break for food, toilet, prayer and some housekeeping routine! Malay said sometime "punggung naik kematu". My hobby make my bump numbed! But seriously, my wife is happy to see me at home! Not going out for long hectic golfing or "merayau" with don’t know-who good or bad influences friends. Biasa lah! I remember what my wife once said. "You can have many watches, but have only one wife". I just smile. What say you dude? Take care of many wives can be troublesome. Many watches!!!??? The workbench is where I learn through practical experience, to destroy and to repair watches. Hah ha. Costly lesson huh? My lecturer is damned right. Knowledge is not always free.

My small "atelier" at home

Re-strapping the oldies to look young and masculine. Bunch of spares in my treasure box!

Spare parts! Spare parts! Are you a Watch Junkies?

Spanner and wrench... which car engine to repair brader?

Work @bench: Hassan Detikduabelas's antique Titoni going for cleaning services. Jam dia ni pernah harung ayaq bah... karat sana sini.

Work @bench: Cleaning Titoni's case with "peg wood". Banyak karat tuuu...

Work @bench: Cleaning "steel mold" on the watch hands using peg wood

Work @bench: Cleaned and shiny hands. Wiped with cigarette paper to avoid finger print and make them dry.

Work @bench: cleaned, waiting for final assembly. Dial Titoni tu banyak jerawat! Jerawat seri... he he he

"When I was in school, I like to read and collect comics and magazines. When I started collecting watches, I collect reading materials. Wait for Part VIb… my bedtime and toilet reading materials!" – thetick-thetick


  1. Aku menanti diluar wad icu dgn debaran....oh titoni ku

  2. so i guess i can send you my watches for, the problem is i dont have watches that i can send to you for servicing...sigh..................................

  3. Servicing? Sibuk la brader... kalau setakat cleaning & minor restoration boleh laa... servicing ambik banyak masa. kene tangan ketaq (terketar2) sure tak bole nak pasang balance wheel punya cork/bridge. Jangan kan tu... nak pasang jarum second sure tak boleh... need steady hands, kekadang paras gula turun... sure tak jadi kerja... jam hassan ni penuh karat... dial dia banyak jerawat seri, macam p. ramlee... muahahaaaa

  4. Syok tgk... semangat plak nak pasang enjin balik... dah sebulan kot tertangguh. Dok membogel ja. Haha...

  5. semangat aku makin kurang. mobious punya oil habis. crystal cement keras kematu pasai lama tak jengok. minyak jet 1 nak servis dah habis. duit makin habis... muahaha

  6. huhu.... nak cari bukan senang benda tu. Nak dapat pu susah... bukannya nak pakai selalu sgt... tp bila ada satu kemudahan.

  7. Bro Radzi, very informative tips! Thanks for sharing.