Saturday, 24 January 2015

Vintage: Citizen Seven Star V2 4-770781TA

“I have been a big fan to vintage Seiko for so long. But, apparently vintage Citizen is interesting too. Not on Orient mechanicals yet. Forget Casio - a computer circuit watch! These three Japanese big names (Seiko, Citizen and Orient) have been very successful in producing good mechanical watches during mid 60s to early 70s. The mechanical finesse of Seiko and Citizen during that era is no rival by the Swiss. At time where most Swiss mechanicals are so cumbersome to set the calendar, these two Asian’s house of horology makes time-setting so much easier. I am not saying Swiss are no good but these Japanese have been ahead of them for so many times throughout the modern horology history. Good watches make good statement of the manufacture. Each vintage, regardless of brand, model and price reveal the quality of the watch-maker. Honestly, the Japanese vintage is more interesting than the Swiss. Being a collector, having a complete 100% genuine parts and good working condition of a vintage watch has always been a treasure. I did vintage watch profiling. Time-keeping testing is part of the profile. Read my simple review on this vintage Citizen Seven Star famous line - the V2. Enjoy.” – thetick-thetick

Model Name: Citizen Seven Star V2
Model Number: 4-770781TA
Production Date/Location: June 1973/Japan
Movement: Cal. 7700, 3 hands, calendar, automatic 22 jewels, 6bps/21,600bph
Power Reserve: continuous operation, 42 hours
Time setting: Hand-wind, hacking, crown-setting
Calendar setting: Quickset, crown-push day-date
Calendar: Japanese Kanji and Standard Gregorian English
Case: Stainless steel, screw-down case lid
Case Dimension: 38mm dia., 42mm lug-to-lug, 18mm lug width
Crystal: Acrylic
Bracelet: Stainless steel, straight end, signed Citizen folded clasp with extension slide
Accuracy: tested – 1 day normal wear, observed 1 day face-up static position +18s per day
Note: tested – power reserve degrading at +/- 40 hours due to aging mainspring elasticity

The crown side profile. Satin brushed case top with polished case side. Polished bezel. Straight-end hooded lugs.

The crown (signed CTZ) is positioned between 3 and 4. Quite small to hand-wind the movement but easy to push-in for calendar setting. 3 straight push will advance 3 calendar date and alternate between Kanji and standard English day. Cumbersome!? The case side is polished. See those dented marks and scratches... what do you expect from an old machine? But I love vintage steel.. blue steel. A real quality Japanese steel - not like the Swiss that turned yellowish after long time.

It is not easy to find a clean and perfect dial. The polished bezel, shiny crystal and mint dial - a clean look. Actually I love watches with this kind of design - a 100% steel. The dial, the hands, the marker, the calendar window... 100% steel and black lining.

The calendar window or aperture - separated in two sections for day and date. The background, look at the textured dial - well preserved!

The case back. This is transition model between the late 60s and early 70s. The Parawater is Citizen's trade mark for water proof winding components. The 7700 represents the watch caliber and the 4-770781TA is the model number combining the movement and the case used.

The early 70s Citizen. Most of the models come with hooded lugs strapped with stainless steel bracelet.

The Citizen clasp comes with slide extension for the bracelet.

Caliber 7700. 22 jewels. From my observation, Citizen is among the earliest manufacturer to add 1 jewel on the movement main plate to mount the mainspring barrel. It makes the mainspring dispersing smoothly and that makes it 22 jewels and not 21 jewels. Most Citizen hi-beat capped with even numbered jewels. Only lately we found the new modern Seiko movement upgraded to even numbered jewels!! Running at 6bps/21,600bph... acceptable for time-keeping accuracy.

With rival countryman - the Seiko Lord-Matic. Both running at 21,600bph. Both are remarkable rival to the Swiss during their era. My preferred collection - 100% steel.

"Good vintage hunting requires passion and knowledge. A collector or a trader need to know their stuff. Getting a 100% is tough. Do some research on the internet. If you are lucky enough you may find a good seller selling good vintage. If the watch is 100% original, it goes without saying. Restoring the steel will not be an issue. Service is a must to keep it running good. Thanks to Maro. This review is dedicated to him. For his passion and connection with friends working in Japan, bringing back these Japanese treasure to Malaysia. Keep hunting bro... offer to fellow watch enthusiast. Bekkk... haa, amacam? Dah restore balik jam nih. Aku buat kat rumah jeh!!! Lepas ni aku nak perosah jam Seiko 6308 Cikgu Amar pulak. Baru jeh Poslaju hantar sebelum aku post artikel nih. Wait for my next article. Thanks for reading." - thetick-thetick


  1. Citizen kalau nak collect carik movement 7XXX series... kalau kat caseback biasanya ada engraved 4-7XXXXXXX yang tuu semua 21,600bph (6bps) atau 28,800bph (8bps)... atau 36,000bph (10bps). Carik Citizen Leopard 36,000bph... atau Citizen Highness 36000 harga lebih dari 5k!!!


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  3. How much would it be worth for a brand new never used with box. Curious as I have 1.
    Thank you.