Thursday, 2 June 2011

Review: Seiko 200m Kinetic Diver SKA293P1

"Godjirra... godjirra... godjirra... Godzilla! It is a call sign given to those gigantic and hideous creatures walkin' on the Japanese neighborhood street. Same goes to Japanese watches namely the Citizen, some timepiece-crazy collectors called the renowned big diver - Citizen Eco-zilla and Auto-zilla. A big size watch, Panerai alike with minimum built of 44mm across our wrist. Seiko too… very fat fellow the much talk-about monster of the wrist called Tuna. But, wait a minute dude! This hunky diver looks big too! That was my friend's remarks when we first spotted this 200m Kinetic diver in retailers display about 3 or 4 years ago. Man! That is huge and masculine timepiece. Although slightly smaller than the renowned Tuna, this solid n' heavy diver really enticing! Swiped my card, the watch is mine. After couple of years in possession; I decided to post a pictorial review of this watch. LNIB – like new in box, I call it Seikozilla. Enjoy reading." - thetick-thetick

Seiko 200m Kinetic Diver SKA293P1

The 200m kinetic diver looks immense by its full stainless steel construction. This 2005 production is powered by the mass produced 5M62A 6 jewels Seiko Kinetic movement. Although not an adversary to Seiko’s new breed of Direct-Drive, the 5M62 is a reliable, robust, and proven quartz-mechanical breed of a modern watch movement. Hey dude, where is the crown? Most Seiko divers’ crown is positioned at 3 or 4! This model is among the first Seiko diver produced with crown at left position. However, this is not a lefty version where you have the standard opposite version. It is a single production design with left crown and push piece. The new version, the SKA371 model is produced with standard right crown and right push piece. Both old and new version comes with variation of black, white, and orange dial with option for rubber strap.
The watch case back is engraved with the famous Tsunami wave emblem to depict 200m ISO diving gear from Seiko. The serial number on the case lid shows that the watch was produced in the year 2005.
Lefty crown and push piece. A very sturdy looking construction. By design, both the crown and push the piece are well guarded by the case.
A view from the west side of the watch - the case, the scuba bezel, and the watch shoulder is so curvy like a massive dome. It is a very balance, symmetrical yet ergonomically designed as a modern rugged timepiece.
Embedded and near-leveled with the case; the scuba bezel looks very neat with smoothly engraved 5 minute elapse marker. Hence, the engraved minute timer is detailed with small dotted of index close to the thick hardened mineral crystal. I love the triangular shaped time elapse marker. The marker dot is covered and filled with Seiko luminous compound called the Lumibrite®.
Simple yet clean dial with skeletal hands! The 60 minutes index is almost vertical and circled on top of the dial - a two-piece dial construction. This makes timing visible to read from the side.
In shady places, the Lumibrite® is no doubt one of the best luminous compound ever produced by Seiko.
In the dark - glow and bright; green but bluish in color.
Solid as you can see - thick and well designed stainless steel bracelet matching the massive dome shaped watch case.
The case shoulder is so thick and measured at almost 32mm across. The lugs within is 22mm width; the toughest bracelet connecting shoulder I ever seen in Seiko production so far.
Underneath. The solid bracelet end-link fitted into the lugs firmly with the use of very thick Seiko spring bar for 22mm standard diver lug. To disintegrate the stainless steel bracelet, you just need to push a pin through the hole at both side of the watch shoulder.
Using standard Seiko diver bracelet clasp and buckle, it comes with wet suit bracelet extension.
Seikozilla wraparound my wrist; looks big but comfortable. Just that… it is heavy dude! You can really feel the weight if you wear it occasionally.
Another picture of the Seikozilla.
An internet file photo of the Seiko Kinetic movement Cal5M62A. Sorry, I do not wish to expose my own watch movement to the air yet. I just do not want the air to humidify the case and the movement as I believe it will affect the watch performance. Unless I am in a dust-free and low humidity room! He he… sorry, this is the only Kinetic watch I ever have. I am no expert in kinetic movement. I guess the accuracy is much like the quartz. 
The arrival of Siam goodies! I bought this "Matterhorn" leather strap from a friendly supplier in Bangkok. A pre-Vendome look alike Panerai strap in tan brown, 2mm thick, and 22mm width genuine calf leather. A worthy purchase through eBay.
Do you like Panerai diver’s watch with leather strap? I guess I like the combination of black dial stainless steel watch strapped with brown leather strap.
Looks classy… like the Panerai Luminor Marina series?
I don’t see any of this ‘lefty’ Seikozilla on display at the Seiko retailers nowadays. What happened? I believe the SKA293 is no longer in production - obsolete model I guess. The watch was retailed around RM 1,258 for stainless steel bracelet model when I bought it before. Now, the new version with rubber strap is priced around RM 1,500 plus. Although the new model produced with crown and push piece on the right, two things I recognize most about the two generation – the movement remains the same but the price gets higher! It is all about design. Although from the same DNA! What a DNA alteration!!! I guess Seiko and other watchmakers are good in that. That makes variety to offer. Well… if you like it! Own it.” – thetick-thetick


  1. Tak pernah tgk la jam ni bang... Mmg ngam betui la rupa dia dgn leather brown tu

  2. aku pernah cuba pakai jam ni...aku nampak kat kedai...saja nak merasa jugak oi...designnya pun aku suka

  3. aku bebaru ni perasan jam tu kat satu kedai... cuma dial dia warna putih. tak cun. member aku beli yang warna oren... aku mintak tukar suka sama suka... dia kata, NO WAYYYYYY... seikozilla ni kalau yang oren lagi cantik dari Orange Monster.

    sebenarnya jam ni Thong Sia tak bawak masuk, pasal tu jarang jumpa. cuma model yang latest je ada kat kedai.

    asmar, hang minat brown leather tu ke? aku pakai sekali ja pasal nak buat posting. aku dah tambah aksesori tali matterhorn tu... 2 minggu lepas aku punya shipment dari Hong Kong sampai. tukar PreV buckle ke "Tang" buckle. lagi cunnnn....

  4. bro,rasanye klu pki tali kulit nampak mcm Panerai Submersible la bro..Panerai Marina xmungkin kot?

  5. Saya ada satu..dial kaler orange.strap hitam z22..hadiah dr pkcik :D

  6. Sy ada satu jam yg sama . Sy nk tnya springs button sy rosak. . Boleh ke repair